Philips and Medigate worked together to disclose and mitigate three vulnerabilities putting devices at risk of improper authentication, information exposure and stack—based buffer overflow.

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“Many within the healthcare community are struggling to keep up with medical device cybersecurity. I'm happy to see innovative startups like Medigate investigating solutions for this space.”

Billy Rios, Founder & CEO of WhiteScope, Medical Device Security Expert

“With the pandemic of cyberattacks targeting healthcare providers, this leaves far too many connect-ed devices vulnerable and exposed, putting patient health and privacy at risk. Medigate’s solution directly addresses this crucial problem by mitigating targeted attacks on medical devices”.

Yoav Leitersdorf, Managing Partner at YL Ventures, Lead Investor in Medigate

“Because it is not possible to effectively deploy endpoint security solutions and regular security patches to these devices, they significantly increase the exposure in my organization’s overall risk posture. A product like Medigate would add a much necessary layer of defense, significantly reducing the risk of medical device vulnerabilities to my networks.”

Heath Renfrow, Former U.S. Army Medicine CISO

“The team at Medigate has the right vision to help organizations safely connect devices to their networks and protect against cyber risk. Protecting devices at a network level is the only way to ensure success. Medigate is defining and leading the market for connected medical device security.”

Bruce Taragin, Managing Director at Blumberg Capital

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